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Fairby Desert is a desert located in the northern area of Oren. Being closer to the planet's equator, it recieves much more sunlight than the rest of the region.

Location Edit

Catacombs Edit

Somewhere in the desert, the player can find a dent in a large rock. Once the player had obtained the HM Rock Smash, they can use it to break through the small dented area to reveal an opening just big enough to squeeze into.

Inside, a series of intersecting tunnels run under the desert. A few wild Pokemon can be found there.

Pokemon Edit

Naming Edit

The Fairby Desert was named after the Pokemon Fairby. Fairby being a light-type Pokemon, the sunny area was named after the Pokemon.

Analysis Edit

Ironically, neither a Fairis nor a Fairby can be obtained in the Fairby Desert (as of currently).