Poke'fan Incorporated or Poke'fan Inc. is the company that is designing Pokemon Oren Version. It is headed by Master Palkia and is co-headed by MasterBall. In a vote headed by Master Palkia to decide which title would win Poke'fan Inc. was the winner by a land slide. The name was submitted by Yun-Yun.


This is a list of Poke'fan Inc. members (as of July, 2009)

001| Master Palkia- Pokemon Designer, Location Designer, Trainer Designer, Badge Designer

002| MasterBall- Pokemon Designer, Town/Route Spriter, Poke'Ball Spriter, Badge Spriter.

003| UltraBall- Pokemon Designer

004| Yun-Yun- Pokemon Designer, Map Designer, Badge Designer

005| SirMatt- Pokemon Designer

006| Ao0- Pokemon Designer

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