Pokemon Oren Version will be the newest fan made Pokemon game.

Creation Edit

The idea of a new Pokemon game was planted in the heads of two great Pokemon fanboys, Master Palkia and MasterBall in the summer of 2008, in the month of August, when MP and MB met on the Pokemon Wiki for the first time.

The two eventually left the site, MP making his first Wetpaint site. MB followed, and there the idea of the new game progressed as more and more people agreed with the idea. The site was used as the unofficial base for the newely-named Pokemon Oren Version.

MasterBall and Master Palkia then decided after several weeks that there was a need for the creation of an official Oren Version staff. Several users seized the oppurtunity, and volunteered, the first being Yun-Yun and Celibe.

After a few others, the two creators made another step towards acheiving there goal, and made an official site-- POVOS. During this time, the staff name was decided on a vote, Yun-Yun submitting Poke'fan Inc., winning the balot. The Pokedex was also completed, and a number of other small details.

After several vandal attacks on the site lead by a former friend of MB and MP's, the community of POVOS wished of transforming the Wetpaint Wiki into a Wikia Wiki, but at the time could not.

Several months passed, along with more vandal surges, and finally, this site was put into creation by Master Palkia.

Master Palkia and MasterBall now head the site.