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Sea Town is the starting town in Pokemon Oren Version.

The player's house is at the top left, while the rival's is to the lower right. Professor Cedar's lab is at the end of the beach.

The path to the north leads to Route 301, which leads to Geo Town.

Storyline Edit

The player awakes in his/her bed. It is the day that his/her rival's cousin, Harrison, comes to visit and obtain his Pokemon, along with the player and the rival.

When the player walks down the stairs, his/her mother says that his/her rival/friend wanted to see him/her.

The player exits the house. A little girl at the exit of Sea Town will not allow the player to pass without a Pokemon.

The player goes to the house and meets his/her rival and Harrison. Together they go to the Pokemon lab, and obtain their Pokemon, a Grecko, Emberno, or a Dewdrop

The player picks first, and the rival chooses the Pokemon superior to the player's. Harrison chooses the last Pokemon.

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